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The official #GlamSquad of the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC; Creative Images provides their hair and makeup services for all (DE-FI) related events and publications.


•CI offers two upscale facilities in Dayton, Ohio for advanced training in the arts of Cosmetology, Esthetics/Day Spa and Nail Technology.

•CI was honored to have been chosen by Modern Salon Magazine for its facilities in their Excellence in Education program.

•Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology has been locally and passionately owned for 21 years.

•We provide a Salon & Spa Liaison who networks with the salons and spas throughout the Miami Valley area to ensure graduate placement, Internship guidance and an invaluable connection with the absolute best professionals in the beauty industry.

•In 2014 our annual networking event, “The Wine & Cheese” was held at the premier Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton Ohio. We brought together over 400 beauty industry professionals including representatives from over 80 salons and spas with CI’s enrolled Artists and Graduates. This event offered student competitions, a magnificent live Design Team performance on stage and two hours of interviews. “It’s rewarding to see our students secure career employment at this unique event”. Nick Schindler, Owner and President.

•CI promotes Internship at any salon or spa that qualifies by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.

•CI is not restricted by one product line and thus can educate to the always changing industry with technique and product performance. CI utilizes product lines that are the most used in the Miami Valley area determined by our Salon Liaison visiting 80 to 100 salons and spas each month.

•We provide many guest speakers who educate on products, techniques and often their own stories of success in the beauty industry. Many are CI graduates.

•Because we provide more instruction and promote the “career” of our Artist, our graduates are sought after by the most successful area professionals.

•CI’s annual Graduation, Licensure and Placement rates are in direct competition with the nation’s leading Cosmetology colleges.

•Creative Images teaches the current techniques and styles from the beginning to ensure success in the industry.

•Our State Board instruction is industry leading with passing rates over 90%. We offer a guarantee to pass State Board licensure with continued training at no extra cost.

•Our graduates are allowed to continue training for free while they wait to test at the State Board.

•Customer service, professionalism, marketing and how to build a clientele are also cornerstones in the CI education.

•Our facilities and education promote the service of actual clients; in 2014 CI’s well trained Artists performed over 2,600 services each month for three straight months.

•Creative Images requires an 85% attendance rate, we take attendance seriously. Successful beauty industry professionals also require a strong, dedicated work ethic.

•Full Time and Part Time Programs are provided along with Flex Time Programs to ensure that our education will work with the demands of a modern life style.

•A Design Team of Creative Images Artists volunteers at local events and competes in beauty competitions.

•Monthly charity fundraisers support many local groups that assist those in need.



•We offer a hybrid curriculum that is based on the world renowned Pivot Point system of proven techniques on sculpting and styling hair. The CI curriculum also features our own 21 plus years of knowledge that teaches the best methods of learning for the creative minded Artist and the true styles that are in fashion. We update the trends taught to ensure your education will make you successful in today’s most advanced and successful salons.

•Our curriculum is based on Four Phases of education, Phase One; Discover Phase Two; Transform


Phase Three; Engage & Phase Four; Thrive. In total CI Artists receive over 650 hours of classroom instruction & training while many other Cosmetology colleges provide less than 400, some under 300.

•We offer a kit of tools that is one of the largest in the nation. The truth be known, most cosmetology kits come from the same supplier. This supplier has told us that our kit takes two of their largest boxes to package while most school’s kits need only one box.

•Our kit is selected from the professional section of the supplier’s catalog. Most other colleges utilize the student section of the catalog. Not only do you get more, you also get better quality. Honestly we offer more education in the classroom because we teach you more techniques and more services. Our Service Menu is extensive, like a full service salon or spa.

•Our classrooms utilize professional products to teach with we consider them to be liquid tools. Many other colleges use non-professional, generic products to teach with then expect you to be able to use professional products on clients. That technique does not usually end with a successful service or a satisfied client.

•CI offers have two dedicated classrooms for cosmetology. We are not aware of another area college that offers more than one classroom.

•Practicals are defined as services that teach you a technique. We offer many practicals and encourage our beginning Artists in Phase one to bring in actual clients as practicals.

•Our Director of Education is also a Certified Matrix Educator who attends advanced technique training classes and teaches salon professionals how to best utilize the Matrix extensive product line.

•Two of our Cosmetology Educators attend the Matrix Academy in New York each year to advance their skill set to become better Educators at CI.




Esthetics/Day Spa

•We are the only college in the area that teaches true microdermabrasion.

•We are the only college in Ohio that teaches micro-current.

•In 2013 were the largest beauty college purchaser of Bio-Elements’ products in the USA.

•The CI Spa Director developed our advanced program and is also a Bio-Elements Educator that teaches salons and spas to use this professional product line.

•Bio-Elements is considered one of the premier skin care product lines in the world and is one of the most popular lines in the Miami Valley.

•For 2013 & 2014 Creative Images has been honored to have achieved; “BioelementsWorld Class School”.

•Many beauty colleges utilize a generic, non-professional skin care line.

•Our Program utilizes a true professional make up line, Youngblood in the classroom and in the studio.

•Our spa is considered one of top beauty college spas in the USA.

•Our graduates are sought after by the most professional, successful spas and med spas in the Ohio area.

•We are referred students from some of the top spas in Cincinnati & Columbus.

•The curriculum in our Esthetics Program includes an online component that is considered to be the best available at this time.

•Our Spa Director has added specific spa service techniques that are utilized in the top spas in the USA and Europe.

•Our Educators have great knowledge and receive professional training annually.

•Our Program is considered to be complex and is challenging. We believe that the best students are those challenged daily to be the best they can possibly be.  Their success in the industry depends on it.


Nail Technology

•Creative Images provides advanced Nail Tech Training with “Rock Star” Educators that teach our Nail Techs in a specialized classroom.

•OPI products and kit enhance the education experience.

•Gel nails, glitter & lacquer polish, acrylic nails, nail art including 3d techniques are taught for the advancement of your career.

•Our Nail Technology Programs are quick to complete, just 7 weeks Full Time to 17 weeks Part Time.


Financial Aid

•Our 2012 draft 3-year cohort default rate that just came out on Feb. 23rdis 4.9%.  The official rate will be determined in the third quarter of 2015.  This is the percentage of CI students who are currently not paying back their student loan debt.  The Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology rate of default is extremely low when compared to other career colleges.


According to US News and World Report the national cohort default rate has increased to 10% for fiscal 2011. The national average for career colleges historically been higher than the National average.

•Our FA TEAM has over 19 years of experience administering financial aid.

•Creative Images also employs a specialized FA servicer that provides oversight to our “in house: FA Department and works with the Department of Education.

•Creative Images offers a FA Administrator on sight at each location for better personalized service. Most other schools do not offer on sight assistance of FA questions.

•The FA Department meets monthly to discuss current issues and resolutions to those issues, as well as new or revised federal regulations for implementation and guidance.

•The FA Department staff attends annual training on financial aid regulations, administration, and updates.  They also receive annual compliance audits from an outside auditor.

•CI offers extended financing and individual payment plans to cover the education expenses for those that qualify.

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